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The Storz story
since 1884

From times long before the company was officially founded, there is an extensive handwritten recipe book that our company founder Christian Storz received from his father Johann-Georg Storz as the basis for his confectionery work. This is regarded as an indirect starting signal for the company and is still one of the most outstanding exhibits in our Storz company museum.


Our company, the “Chr. Storz GmbH & Co. KG” was entered in the Tuttlingen commercial register in May 1884 by Christian Storz in its then legal form. It was preceded by a centuries-old tradition of millers and confectioners, whose origins can be proven to go back at least to the time of the 30-year war.

Hugo Storz

Chocolate production began around the turn of the century and in 1911 son Hugo Storz joined the company.
The focus of production in the first few years after the company was founded up to the First World War were baked goods such as gingerbread, macaroons, biscuits, sweets and hollow sugar figures.

View into the museum

In the period between the wars, we developed into a nationally known bean-to-bar manufacturer of chocolate bars and supplied customers as far away as the Berlin area. Our museum shows impressive examples of the unusually high-quality design of Storz products even back then.
During the Second World War our production came to a standstill due to a lack of raw material supplies. In the first years after the end of the war, we tried our hand at producing food mixes and sweets.

Back to production

Starting in 1949, cocoa precursors were available again and we were fortunate to be able to resume the pre-war production programs.

Dr. Heinrich Schinle

In 1950, Dr. Heinrich Schinle together with his wife Sigrid, daughter of Hugo Storz, managed our company for more than 40 years with continuously growing success.

"Small Bites"

After price maintenance for chocolate bars fell in 1964, competition among chocolate manufacturers increased rapidly. It was during these years that we started producing small piece chocolate specialties (today they would be called "Small Bites"). This niche concept has been continuously expanded and optimized by us to this day. It still forms the core of our business today.

Since 1990 & 2021
til today

Since 1990 Dr. Markus Schinle , great-grandson of the founder, works as managing director in the company.
In 2021, his son, great-great-grandson of the founder, Christian Schinle, joined the company and today forms the management together with his father. The Storz company is still fully owned by the founding family.
Today, Markus and Christian Schinle form the management together with Petra Mayer (production) and Frank Kaiser (sales).

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