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The Storz

In order to guarantee our continuous top quality, we constantly place the highest demands on ourselves and our products. These begin with the selection of the raw materials and are followed through processing to the end product. The regular IFS and BRCGS certifications at the highest level confirm the high Storz quality standard. All certificates can be found in the download area.

Since 1884
The highest quality standards are our recipe for success.

These quality requirements are broken down into four target dimensions, against which we measure all of our entrepreneurial measures.
In order to familiarize our employees with our demanding quality policy goals in a concrete and understandable way and to keep them present in the company, we have also defined guidelines for our quality policy - you can find them in the download area.

We want to manufacture and sell high-quality, high-quality chocolate and nougat products. For this purpose, minimum quality requirements have been defined, which describe the recipe as well as the raw materials used and the processing. Quality deviations or losses in the interest of an aggressive price offer policy are never considered.

In addition, the quality of our market performance is expressed through the greatest possible service quality . This is ensured by personal customer contact and reliable services.

Perfect production conditions are ensured to ensure optimal quality.
On the one hand, this applies to the high quality of the building and machines. Optimal operational hygiene also applies, supported by clearly defined production steps with control points and the constant promotion of hygiene awareness among all employees.

Our HACCP concept is an integral part of our quality policy and forms the basis of the standards we strive for.

The third goal is to optimize conditions for the people working in our operations and supply chain.
For our company, this is expressed in the guarantee of the greatest possible safety and a positive corporate culture . In the compliance guidelines, we express our constant efforts to achieve the highest possible social quality.

The fourth goal of the quality policy is the greatest possible environmental compatibility of the products, including their packaging and production processes.
This includes participation in waste disposal concepts that are customary in the industry and the environmentally friendly regulation of company waste disposal.

These points are defined in detail in the “ Sustainability” category.

Roasted hazelnuts

Exquisite ingredients for our Storz creations

Our certifications

  • IFS
  • V-Label
  • Fairtrade
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Organic
  • Kosher

Our regular certifications at the highest level confirm the high Storz quality standard. All valid certificates can be found in our download area.

Here at Storz
What defines our production.

  • Exclusive use of sustainably certified cocoa
  • Certifications at the highest industry level
  • Natural raw materials of special quality
  • Gentle processing
  • Finest traditional recipes

Here at Storz Chocolate

Highest quality in all our products.

Example Ladybird

The variety of our chocolaty creations

Here we would like to take a closer look at our various recipes.

Even if some of the items produced on the basis of these recipes are not yet available in the shop, they can be purchased from our factory sales or are available to corporate customers on request ( ). If you have any further questions about the various formulations and how they are available, please do not hesitate to contact us

Our fine whole milk chocolate impresses with its high proportion of cocoa mass from so-called noble producing countries such as Ecuador and Peru as well as the addition of finely melting cocoa butter. We do not use any foreign fats for our products. In terms of taste, there is perfect harmony between the aromatic cocoa note and the creamy whole milk aroma. Its delicate enamel and pleasantly light color are characteristic.

Download declaration

For lovers of the tart chocolate flavor we offer 60% "pure cocoa flavor". In addition to the subtle sweetness, this chocolate offers a very strong and multi-faceted cocoa pleasure. This creates a finely tart taste without milk and without compromises, but not too bitter.

Download declaration

Finest nougat creation according to a traditional recipe from our own production with 33% hazelnuts. Hazelnut kernels imported directly from the country of origin are roasted in our house and processed immediately to guarantee full aroma. We only use natural ingredients such as pure cocoa butter.

Download declaration

Nougat combination of dark hazelnut nougat and light cream nougat. The hazelnuts, imported directly from the country of origin, are roasted in-house at Storz and ground to a fine pulp and, in order to preserve the full aroma, processed immediately. The dark hazelnut nougat has a characteristic note of cocoa and nuts; With the cream nougat, the full nut aroma is combined with the particularly creamy character of the cream. Conching makes the mass wonderfully creamy and delicate.

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A recipe that leaves nothing to be desired: noble, finely melting hazelnut nougat with 33% hazelnuts. The taste experience is completed by finely chopped, crispy roasted almonds.

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Light cream nougat with an exciting combination of full nut aroma and a creamy note.

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Our latest recipe from 2023: millet is used as a milk alternative for our vegan chocolate couverture, and its slightly nutty taste perfectly complements our other ingredients. It goes without saying that we only use Fairtrade cocoa in our vegan products.

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