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Leftover stock and chocolate with a short best-before date

Do you love shopping in a budget-conscious and environmentally friendly way? Perfect!

Support us in saving our chocolate and save up to 50%.

  • Previous season:

  • Here on this page we offer you chocolates that are from Halloween or Christmas, for example. Our finest fine milk chocolate always tastes good , no matter what the guise. Here we guarantee a best before date of at least three months.

  • Short best before date:

You can also find chocolate with a short best-before date here. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer these through our usual sales channels, which is why we are giving you a great discount. But don't worry, our chocolate is microbiologically absolutely harmless and has always been stored under optimal storage conditions . Your enjoyment is our top priority, and even if the best-before date is approaching, the taste is still there without any problems. This means you can continue to enjoy the full enjoyment of chocolate without any worries and benefit from attractive special offers.

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